Frequently Asked Questions (Parents)

What is Koalafied?
Koalafied is a platform to help Parents and Students connect with Tutors in the same vicinity, following their schedule.Why does Koalafied exist?
We support Parents who need help in boosting their Child's knowledge. At the same time, we encourage individuals to share their passion and time in mentoring younger Students.What does Koalafied want to happen?
We want to remind everyone that learning is fun. We are building a community where Filipinos can share their time and passion to learn from each other.

How can Koalafied help me?
We'll take care of everything! We'll find the best Tutor to guide your children in all their academic needs. For your utmost convenience, our tutors will go to your house for the tutorial session.How is Koalafied different from the traditional home or center tutorial?
You have the power to choose the Tutor you want. We will provide a roster of Tutors available in your area and specializes in the subject of your choosing. As a first-time user, we also encourage you to book one session at a time to have a better feel of the Student-Tutor chemistry.How much is the fee?
Our tutor's rate depends on their experience. Their hourly rate is shown when you are choosing a tutor.How do I pay?
We do all our transactions via Credit Card, through PayPal. We will send a PayPal link to your e-mail once the booking has been confirmed.Can I book the same Tutor again?
Of course!

Still have questions?
Contact us HERE.