frequently asked questions

We are not a homeschool provider. We are Math majors specialized in teaching the Math curriculum for Grade 4 to Grade 10 students.

Yes, classes are taught live through scheduled private video calls.

If your child is enrolled-

  • In a HOMESCHOOL PROVIDER, we teach the math lessons for you! We can use your homeschool provider’s curriculum or you can choose our recommended Koalafied Math Curriculum.
  • In a PRIVATE SCHOOL, we will provide supplemental math knowledge and drills to ensure that your child is staying on top of their classes and mastering the lessons.

If your child is not enrolled OR if you would like to give your child advanced math lessons-

  • The Koalafied Math Curriculum follows the Department of Education’s approved math lessons and objectives per grade level so you can leave the work to us!

You can let us know your goals for the lessons and which curriculum to follow when you enroll your child in our private online math classes.

We do not offer group sessions. In our private sessions, we prioritize your child’s growth, and your child can easily express their ideas and questions to us. For kids, not understanding a lesson in a group environment can be scary and stressful.

Yes, we do record grades. Our Progress Report (which you can easily access 24/7) covers the student’s daily activities and behavior as well as the Written Work and Performance Tasks they have completed. You can use this Progress Report when you submit records to your Homeschool Provider. 

We do not provide quarterly examinations. We give exercises and drills, made specially for your child, that complement their math lessons.


We suggest standardized examinations to be facilitated by the student’s guardian outside of Koalafied sessions.

Sessions are conducted online via Google Meet. Upon enrollment, we will send a calendar invite to your Google Account with the link to join the private sessions.

Each session is 50 minutes long – the recommended Math class duration per day.

Sessions are conducted daily, Mondays to Fridays – excluding Philippine holidays. We will provide you a time slot based on your preferred time frame.

You can easily pay online when you enroll your child in our private online math classes. We accept Credit Card payment through PayPal.

You can enroll your child by completing this online enrollment form.

Still have questions?